Blackboard: Copying Tables From MS Word into Your Blackboard Portfolio

This article is a general guide to adding pre-formatted tables from Microsoft Word into a Blackboard Portfolio.

This article is especially relevant to the Pharmacy Portfolio and uses examples of their tables and portfolio template.

There are templates for tables in the supporting materials. They have instructions as to how to complete the tables.

These are best completed in the word document, but can be added to and edited comparatively within the Blackboard text editor.
A view of the word document in a word document

A Table in a Word document


Copying the table

Select the highlight table button

A green box highlighting the select all table button

Showing how to select the highlight table


When the table is highlighted use the keyboard command CTRL + C to copy.

The highlighted table as a result of selecting all

The word table all selected


Paste into Blackboard

Open your Portfolio, Select Edit

A view of the portfolio page in Blackboard and selecting edit

Edit your portfolio

Select the area you want to paste the table into.

Selecting the area to add the table to

Click the side menu to select the area you will work in

Click into the area which states ‘click here to add content’

Clicking the mouse into the Blackboard text editor to work within it.

Select the text box

Use keyboard command CTRL + V to paste.

Showing the pasted table in the Blackboard Text Editor in the selected Content area.

The pasted table in the Blackboard Text Editor/ Content area.

The table will copy into the box in the same format as in word.

Click the expand box button to see a larger view

An enlarged image of the 'Expand Text Box' Button and showing more of the table in the image.

You can expand the text box to see all content

Always click Save to make sure you don’t loose your work.

Highlighting the Save button at the bottom of the text box section.

Showing how to save your work

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