Understanding my assessment marks in Blackboard and RISIS


Blackboard is the home of your academic marks and feedback

  • This is where your assignments will be marked.
  • This is where you can view feedback.
  • Assessment marks shown in Blackboard will not change after they have been released to you. Any updates to your assessment marks will be shown in RISIS.
  • Shortly after you have seen your mark in Blackboard it will be transferred to RISIS.


Your marks are formally managed in RISIS and any updates will be shown here.

  • Your assessment marks in RISIS will be used to calculate your module mark.
  • Marks in RISIS may be updated during the academic year. This means that your mark in RISIS may not match the mark shown in Blackboard.

You will need to check RISIS to see

  • All your assessment marks in one place.
  • If any marks have been updated.
  • Your module mark, once calculated.
  • Please see the Exams web page for the publication date of your final module results

Why might my mark be updated in RISIS?

  • Late penalty
    A deduction to the initial mark, with the reason shown in RISIS.
  • Internal moderation
    If moderation occurs after marks have been released to you, your mark may be updated, with the reason shown in RISIS.
  • Academic misconduct
    The outcome of an academic misconduct investigation will be shown in RISIS.
  • External review
    Your marks are reviewed by external examiners and the exam boards.


Need help?

Contact your Support Centre or Admin Deck in the first instance and they will ensure your query is answered.

University of Reading Malaysia students, contact your Academic Tutor or email studenthelp@reading.edu.my for advice

Students should be aware that marks and grades given to them during any part of a degree programme are subject to moderation by internal and external examiners, who may recommend changes either to the marks of a particular student or to those of a whole group. Marks remain provisional until they have been scrutinised and approved by the appropriate Examiners’ Meeting and formally published by the University. Provisional marks are provided for guidance only and you should be mindful that they may change before the formal publication of results.
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