Blackboard Collaborate: Connection and Audio Troubleshooting

Collaborate Ultra Test Room:  You can test to see if you are able to enter this Collaborate Ultra session and audio/video devices on your computer are working. Please note that the audio/video sharing and chat options have been disabled in this room. Click here to enter the Collaborate Test Room. Browser considerations: If possible please use Google Chrome when attending Collaborate sessions. Chrome is the most compatible browser with Collaborate at present. Students in China: Use the Mozilla Firefox web browser. (Be aware: popular web browsers in China do not support the technology used to run Bb Collaborate, called WebRTC.) Third party cookies in browser: If you are unable to enter the room, please check and allow “Third party cookies” in your browser settings . [ Watch this video guide on how to allow “Third party cookies” in Chrome ] Microsoft Edge browser issue: A number of Microsoft Edge users have reported that they are unable to hear the moderator or other participants. This is likely a compatibility issue. If you experience such issues, leaving the session and re-join may help. If nothing works, please consider using Chrome browser. Internet connection: If you have a bad internet connection during a session, try some of the following broadband advice when distance learning. Need help? Should you have any questions or need help, please contact CQSD TEL by email: Four steps to take when joining your Collaborate session: 1. Plug-in your equipment before joining the Collaborate session. 2. When Collaborate launches, accept any browser pop-up dialogue boxes that ask you to allow audio and video. 3. Choose which audio and video inputs you want to use when you enter Collaborate or start your audio. 4. Make sure your microphone is muted to avoid feedback noise when you’re not speaking. By default, your microphone is muted when you join a session. If you can’t hear anything, check your browser session and audio settings first. Read the help item below: ‘I don’t know how to change my audio and video settings in my browser’  to see how.   Getting Further Help See the full Blackboard participant guides for further help using the system Go to the Blackboard Collaborate Support site (24/7 support) to ask for help and find answers to common issues. Use the Blackboard Chat Bot in the My Settings panel inside the session. This provides immediate initial troubleshooting for issues experienced in the session.