Blackboard Collaborate: How to Join a Session

There are two main ways you will be asked to join a session

Join through the Module

Blackboard Collaborate might be used in place of a classroom session in your module.

The module convenor will let you know where in the course you will find all the Blackboard Collaborate Sessions.

A screenshot of the Blackboard Collaborate Sessions area

Click on the session you wish to join, and click Join Session from the side menu

A screenshot of the Join Session side bar menu

You will automatically join using the name from your module.

Join Using a Guest Link

The facilitator of your Blackboard Collaborate session may send you a link to the session. This will take you straight to the session room in your browser. Please ensure you are using a Compatible Browser.

Click on on the Guest Link or copy into your browser.

A Screenshot of the browser address bar with Guest link URL

Enter the name you wish to display during the session. Click Join Session .

A screenshot of the Blackboard Collaborate Welcome Page. There is a Space to Add your name

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