YuJa for assessment – Blackboard Journal

How to submit a video to a Blackboard Journal

You can upload a video to the YuJa media platform, and then submit this to a Blackboard Journal post.

The steps in the process are

  • Create the video using appropriate software.
  • Upload the video to your YuJa Media Library.
  • Access the Blackboard Journal.
    Write your Journal Entry in the Blackboard editor, then use the ‘YuJa Media Chooser’ from the editor to locate and select your video in YuJa.
  • Post your entry.
  • The video remains in your YuJa Media Library, but can now be accessed by markers via the Blackboard course.

Create your video

To record a video you can

  • record in PowerPoint on your laptop
  • record on your phone
  • go to Yuja and record directly in the browser

See these guides

Upload the video to YuJa

  • Log on to YuJa.
  • Go to your Media Library
  • Click on Upload
    Screenshot showing the YuJa Media Library, with 'Upload' highlighted
  • On the Upload screen click on Add Schema Tags
    Screenshot of the YuJa upload screen, with 'Add Schema Tags' highlighted
  • Select ‘Assessment’ from the drop-down list, and press Save.
    Select Assessment Metadata tag
  • Browse to select your file, or drag and drop your video file onto the Upload window.
  • The video will upload immediately, but will take some while to finish processing.
    You do not have to wait for the video to finish processing before submitting it to Blackboard assignment.

Submit to Blackboard Journal

  • Go to your course in Blackboard.
    Go to the Assessment area of the course and click on the Journal link to start the entry process.Blackboard Journal link in a course.
  • Click on the Create Journal Entry link.
  • Journal page with the Create an Entry link circled.
  • This opens up an editing window.
    Make sure you can see the + (Add Content) icon on the editing toolbar – if necessary click on the 3 dots to expand the toolbar.
  • Click the Add Content icon
    Screenshot of a Blackboar assignment, showing the Add Content icon
  • Choose Insert Video (YuJa) from the list.
    Screenshot showing the Insert Video YuJa option on the Add Content menu
  • Your YuJa Media Library is displayed. Search or scroll to find the video you want to submit.Select video from Media Chooser
  • Click to highlight and select the video.
  • Press Insert Content.Insert selected content from YuJa Media ChooserIn the examples shown here, the video is one that has only just been uploaded to YuJa, and is still processing.
  • You may need to scroll down using the outermost scroll bar to find the Insert Content button.
  • YuJa chooser inside the Blackboard editor for a Journal Entry. There are two scroll bars one to see the videos and one to see the page so that you can scroll down to the Insert Content button - this button is circled on the image.
  • This embeds the video into your Blackboard Journal Entry. If necessary write any additional text.
    When done, press Save Entry as Draft or Post Entry to complete your submission.
  • A message will appear on screen saying that you have successfully posted.
  • Markers on the Blackboard course will now be able to view your video when they access the Blackboard Journal post.


  • You don’t have to wait until your video has finished processing to submit it to Blackboard.
  • But if you need to make any edits to the video in YuJa, you do need to wait until the video has finished processing.
  • Once you have submitted the video to a Blackboard assignment the file will be locked in YuJa, so you can’t make any edits to the video.
    So if you need to make any edits to the video you must do this in Yuja before submitting to Blackboard.
    Screenshot showing the YuJa "video is locked" message
  • If you need to submit a Word document or some other kind of file to the assignment, as well as your YuJa video, you can submit these as part of the same Journal post.
    Below the content editor, see Attach Files and Browse Local Files to upload the Word document.Blackboard Journal - Post Entry and upload file
  • If the you have saved your entry as draft, and you want to make changes to the file you submitted, you will need to
    • upload a new version of the video to YuJa
    • make any required edits in YuJa
    • then submit that to Blackboard Journal again.
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