YuJa for Notetakers – Accessing a Module Playlist

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As a Notetaker on Blackboard Modules, you will be added as a Guest user. Whilst being able to access most of the course content and documents, you will have some limited access to tool based content.

Embeded Videos

You will be able to access any embeded media, including YuJa videos, directly from the content area. You may need to authenticate YuJa as with other courses where you are a Student.


YuJa Playlist

The main issue as a Notetaker is that you will not be able to access the YuJa playlist for the module. You will notice you do not have access to the YuJa video link on the course.

You will have to request the direct link from the student you are working with, or another student or staff user on the module if necessary.

Ask them to:

Go to the YuJa video link .

A Blackboard course menu highlighting the YuJa video link

In the Playlist go to More Actions > Get Link.

Showing the More actions option and the link pop out window

A seperate window will open and you can copy the Direct Link.

Send this direct link to your Notetaker.

As this is a reading.yuja.com address it will be able to be opened outside of Blackboard. You may need to Authenticate access intially, but this will work with your University of Reading credentials.

Pasting the link in a browser window and accessing the authenticate screen


If you have any issues with this please log a ticket in the DTS self service portal or email dts@reading.ac.uk using the subject ‘YuJa for Student Notetakers’