Gradescope: View your marks and feedback

Access via a link to Gradescope

A link to Gradescope may be available in the Assessment area.

screen shot of link to Gradescope

This will open the Gradescope Dashboard page where you can select any marked assignment to view the marks and feedback.


Access via the Gradescope Submission Point

Go to the Assessment area of your course and click the title of the Assignment.

Gradescope Assignment submission point

This will open the Gradescope Assignment with the marking rubric running down the right-hand side of the page.

If the submission point is hidden from student view, and a Gradescope link is not provided, please contact the Admin team via the RISIS helpdesk Ask a Question.

Gradescope Assignment opened on marked screen with rubric panel open on the right-hand side of the screen.

Access via My Marks and Feedback

Go to My Marks and Feedback in the Blackboard course for your Module, or Marks in the main Blackboard navigation.

Click on the assignment you wish to open.

Screen shot of student's view of Blackboard course with My Marks and Feedback circled on the menu. The assessments are listed on the main content area. The title of the Gradescope assignment is circled.

This will open the Gradescope Assignment as it does when clicking on the submission point.

If you receive an access denied message and the submission point is hidden from student view please contact the Admin team via the RISIS helpdesk Ask a Question.


How to view feedback in Gradescope

Rubric panel

The Rubric panel on the right-hand side of the screen can be opened by clicking on the question number/title (highlighted in blue) or the Next Question button on the bottom menu.

Gradescope Rubric panel with a question open and annotations made on the submitted work.

Once a question is opened in the rubric panel the feedback for that specific question will be revealed.  There are three elements to the feedback.

  1. Annotations – The marker may have made annotations directly onto the submitted work, these annotations will only appear when the relevant question is open.
  2. Rubric item – Rubrics are used to calculate the marks.  Each rubric item will add (or subtract if negative marking is being used) a mark.  The rubric items may be labelled with a reason for the mark but this is optional.
  3. Comments – The marker may add some submission specific comments in addition to the more generic rubric item label.


Gradescope menu

The menu at the bottom of the screen has a number of items including the Next Question .Screen shot of bottom menu on marked assignment screen in Gradescope

The full list of menu options are:

Download Graded Copy

Download a copy of the rubric with the relevant pages of your submitted work and any annotations added by the marker.

Screen shot of pdf download screen for the Marked version of the submitted paper.

Submission History

Opens a pop-up window with a list of all submission attempts with the date of submission and the submitters name.

Next Question

Next Question opens the first question item on the rubric and displays any annotations associated with that question.  It will then open the next question in sequence each time it is clicked.

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