What is YuJa?

YuJa is the University’s new learning capture platform, which will be used to deliver video content for the 2022/23 academic year onwards.

This may include

  • recordings of live lectures (“classroom capture”)
  • screencasts created by your lecturers to support your learning (“personal capture”).

See the Classroom Capture libguide for advice on how to make the most of these recordings.


Getting started with YuJa

How to access YuJa?

In most cases you will access YuJa through Blackboard – either by clicking on a link to YuJa, or via videos embedded in your Blackboard course.

YuJa uses single sign-on. If you are already logged into Blackboard in your internet browser, you will be able to access YuJa without having to login again.

Please ensure “Third party cookies” are allowed in your browser settings.

In Chrome or Edge you will need to select “Allow all cookies”.

Mac users: if using Safari you should also ensure that “Prevent Cross site Tracking” is disabled in browser settings.

You can also log on directly at https://reading.yuja.com – enter your normal student username and password to log in.

In the YuJa mobile app please login using your University of Reading username (e.g. abc123@student.reading.ac.uk).

Image showing YuJa browser Login screen Image showing YuJa Mobile Login screen Image showing YuJa Mobile Login  Image showing YuJa Mobile Login screen

Watching videos

Videos can be watched

Check out the YuJa article Using the Media Player to see the full range of features available when watching videos.

Screenshot of the YuJa Media Player, showing the features available


The YuJa media player is fully accessible – see the YuJa support article Accessibility Features in the Media Player.

Video Assessments

You can upload a video to the YuJa media platform, and then submit this to a Blackboard assignment, Journal, Blog or Discussion Board.

See YuJa for assessment.

For more help guides please visit https://support.yuja.com/