Blackboard: Adding the ‘My Marks’ tool to the course menu

Important information!

'My Marks' is the new name for the tool previously known as 'My Grades'.

On all 2019-20 courses, any links from the course menu to 'My Grades' have now been renamed 'My Marks and Feedback'

What is My Marks?

The ‘My Marks’ tool is the way students can access the grades and feedback entered into the Grade Centre of a Blackboard course area by an academic.


The ‘My Marks’ tool needs to be a menu item in a course area on Blackboard so that students can easily access online grades and feedback.

Important information!Students can access their grades and feedback from the Global Navigation even if My Marks is not listed as a menu item in a course area.

How to do it

  1. In your course, make sure that Edit mode is switched to ON.
  2. At the top of the left hand course menu, click the + Add menu item button.
  3. From the drop down menu that appears. Click Tool Link.
  4. Write ‘My Marks and Feedback’ in the Name field.
    In the Type field, select My Marks from the drop down menu of tool options.
    Add May Marks to the Course Menu
  5. Tick the box beside Available to users.
    Make My Marks Available to Users
  6. Click the Submit button.
  7. This will add the My Marks tool as a menu item to your module.

Students will now be able to view their marks and feedback once these have been entered in the Grade Centre, and made visible to them in this course.