Here you’ll find a list of known issues and ongoing problems with Blackboard Learn and related Services and tools.

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EMA Integration: Known issues

Other Known issues:

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Known Issues & Ongoing Problems Status

Audio / Video feedback on Blackboard assessments:

After setting up your microphone or camera, you MUST close the Recording window, then reopen it again to make your recording. If you try to record immediately after setting up your microphone, without closing and reopening the window, your recording will be silent.

Further details


Text cannot be highlighted after using the draw tool in Box View

When marking a Blackboard Assignment in Chrome, after using the Draw tool, it becomes impossible to select text in order to highlight or comment on it.

The workaround is to refresh the page or use Firefox – there are no issues when using this browser.

We advise users to use the floating comments on student work regardless as they are clearer for the students to view.

Target Release: Future
Release Patch Available: No


Previewing an Image before uploading results in errors

In a course Content area if you choose:
Build Content -> Image -> Preview

Do not click Submit on the Preview screen.

If you do, an error will be displayed.

To attach the image successfully, from the Preview screen choose Back and Submit from the Image properties screen, or alternatively do not go into the Preview mode and simply Submit.


Blackboard Collaborate: Cannot install Application Sharing Chrome Extension in the session

Chrome 71 users trying to install the application sharing extension in Collaborate Ultra by following the in session prompts will find that clicking the “Add to Chrome” button does nothing. This occurs because Chrome has stopped allowing apps to install extensions, the extension must instead now be manually installed.

Affected Platforms:

Chrome 71 and 72 on Windows and Mac

Cause: Google for security reasons has stopped allowing apps to install extensions from within the application.


Users will need to manually install the “Desktop Sharing” extension at this time.


The February 2019 Collaborate Ultra release will have a fix for resolving this issue.


Downloading some/multiple Turnitin files can result in errors

When trying to download multiple Grading papers (papers with markup and similarity layers visible) from the Turnitin Assignment inbox or Feedback Studio, you may encounter issues with some files not downloading. This happens when a file has a very large number of small similarity report matches, making the file large in size, taking a long time to render and become ready to download.

Image showing the Turnitin assignment inbox with papers selected and the "Download grading paper" option highlighted.

If you download multiple files, you may have some of them missing from the zip file generated.

Turnitin are aware of the issue and are working on resolving this.

If you have any questions please contact us at


Blackboard Rubrics: Percentage range rubrics do not display selected grade to students

If you mark work using a Blackboard scoring rubric which is set up as a Percentage Range rubric, students will see their overall mark, and will see which cells of the rubric have been highlighted. However they will not see the actual score you have assigned for each cell.

Blackboard Rubric - staff view

Blackboard Percentage Range Rubric – staff view when marking


Blackboard Rubric - student view

Blackboard Percentage Range Rubric – when viewed by the student


Changing a Qualitative Blackboard Assignment rubric resets grade to 0.00

If you’ve used a qualitative rubric with your Blackboard Assignment, once you give the attempt you’re making a grade, making any further changes to the rubric will automatically reset the grade to 0. If you need to edit your rubric after the fact, please make a note of the grade you’ve previously assigned as you will have to re-enter it. If you’re using a scoring rubric, the issue does not exist as the new grade will automatically be assigned by the rubric itself.

Unable to send emails via the SignUp List tool

It is not currently possible to send an email from within a SignUp List – an error message is generated.
However, if you set the SignUp tool to create a Blackboard Course Group for each list, then you can use the normal Blackboard functionality to email the required Group(s):
Control Panel > Course Tools > Send Email > Single / Select Groups.

Auto-Submit on Tests can cause problems for students

We recommend that you do NOT tick the Auto-Submit box when deploying a Test as there is a known issue where, if students have an unreliable internet connection, this setting could lead to their attempts being submitted prematurely.
Blackboard also recommend turning off the “force completion” option, so that if a student experiences technical issues and is logged out of the test, they can resume and complete the test.

Is the issue you’re experiencing not listed? Please email CQSD TEL at and we will follow up with you.