Here you’ll find a list of known issues and ongoing problems with Blackboard Learn and related Services and tools.

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Known Issues & Ongoing Problems Status

Blog Entry fails to save when Using Embedded Images

When making a blog post you might experience an issue saving your post if there is an embedded image in it. If you receive this message: “Failed to Save Blog Entry, Please Try Again.”, please click on Submit again anyway.

As a result, 2 posts will be made, one of which will be the correct post you wanted to make and then second on will have the embedded image corrupted.

Please delete the post with the corrupted image if this happens.

Target Release: Future Reference
Patch Available: No


Changing a Qualitative Blackboard Assignment rubric resets grade to 0.00

If you’ve used a qualitative rubric with your Blackboard Assignment, once you give the attempt you’re making a grade, making any further changes to the rubric will automatically reset the grade to 0. If you need to edit your rubric after the fact, please make a note of the grade you’ve previously assigned as you will have to re-enter it. If you’re using a scoring rubric, the issue does not exist as the new grade will automatically be assigned by the rubric itself.

Resolved Issues & Problems Status

Blackboard App Crashes on iOS 12 When Viewing Discussion Board Threads

The issue is now resolved. Please update to the latest version of the Blackboard App. Original message: When viewing Discussion boards using the Blackboard Learn Mobile apps on iOS12, the app might crash. Blackboard are currently looking into this and should have an update going out shortly.

Is the issue you’re experiencing not listed? Please email CQSD TEL at and we will follow up with you.