Blackboard Tests: Analyse data from a Blackboard Test


You may wish to run analysis on a test you have produced in order to see the effectiveness of the questions, or to see which areas students are struggling in.

Access the test

In any course, to access a test go to Control Panel > Course Tools > Tests, Surveys and Pools.

In the control panel using the course tools, and Tests Surveys and Pools

Then Tests.
Tests Surveys and Pools option page. Selecting Tests

Run analysis

Once you see the list of tests, choose the test you wish to analyse, then

1.    Click the grey ‘down arrow’ menu button

2.    Select Item Analysis from the drop down menu.

Showing steps one and two

This will take you to the analysis area.

3.    Click on Run for the selected test

4.    Click on the Available Analysis link.

Showing steps three and four

This will take you to the results of the analysis run. Here you can see a summary of the whole test as well as analysis of individual questions.

The test analysis information screen


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