Blackboard: The External Examiner Course Role

A summary of what the role can and can’t do


If you need to give an external examiner access to your Blackboard course, there is a custom role which you can use to grant access to course materials, and to student work submitted to Blackboard and/or Turnitin.

This is a Course Role – like Instructor, Teaching Assistant, or Marker.

You can assign the External Examiner role when enrolling a user onto your course.


Permissions associated with the role

Course Content

·        Can view all course content, including that which is currently unavailable to students.

·        Not able to create new content or edit existing content

Grade Centre

Has full access to the Blackboard Grade Centre

·        Can view and modify all grades – any type of gradable item (Blackboard and Turnitin  Assignments, Tests, Blogs and Wikis).

·        Can leave feedback.

N.B. It is not possible to grant “read-only” access to the Blackboard Grade Centre – if a user can access the Grade Centre then they automatically also have editing rights.

Turnitin Assignments

Has full access via Control Panel > Course Tools to

·        edit assignment settings

·        view and mark submitted work

N.B. anyone with access to work submitted to Turnitin will also have editing rights – it is not possible to grant read-only access.

Blackboard Assignments

·        Not able to edit assignment settings.

Via the Grade Centre

·        Able to view submitted work, grades and feedback

·        Can grade and leave feedback on submitted work.

(subject to any rules applied via Delegated Marking)


·        Not able to edit Test questions or edit settings.

·        Can take Tests (preview) as a staff member – i.e. can take the Test, but answers will not be recorded in the Grade Centre.

·        Can view ‘User Progress’ and ‘Item Analysis’.

·        Can view students’’ grades via the Grade Centre.

Blackboard Blogs, Journals and Wikis

·        Not able to edit Blog, Journal or Wiki settings.

·        Able to view entries.

·        Able to view ‘User Progress’.

·        In Course Wikis and Blogs: able to edit content, comment, create a new wiki page or blog entry.

·        Personal Journals, Group Blogs, Journals and Wikis: able to view posts, but not edit.

Campus Pack Blogs, Journals and Wikis

·        Not able to edit Blog, Journal or Wiki settings.

·        Able to view entries.

·        Able to comment on entries, but cannot edit entries or make new posts.

·        Able to view ‘User Progress’.