Setting up assignments where there is no file submission on Blackboard

When would this happen?

If you have an assessment which does not require a physical or digital submission, like grading presentations skills or an oral assessment it will still need to be given a grade and/or feedback online.

To do this in Blackboard, a Grade Centre Column needs to be created where the assessment key information can be entered such as Points Possible and a Rubric attached, in a similar way to a standard Blackboard Assignment.

Setting up the column

To set up the Column for an assessment without a submission, access the Grade Centre:

  1. Click on ‘Create Column’.
  2. Give the Column a Name (the title of the assessment).
  3. Provide a description (this is optional and students will be able to see this).
  4. Under Primary display chose Score to match how other assignments are set up.
  5. Assign the Category to “Assignment”
  6. Points possible needs to be 100 always as marking is always out of 100.
    Image showing the fields whcih need to be changed.
  7. To add a rubric, click on ‘Add Rubric’ and choose ‘Select Rubric’ if it already exists.
  8. Tick the box next to the name of the rubric(s) you want to use and click Submit.
    Image of the rubric select screen
  9. To enable students to see the rubric choose ‘Yes – View with Rubric Scores’ under Show Rubric to Students on the setup screen.
    Image showing the Show rubrics to Students toggle
  10. Select a Due Date for the assessment, if appropriate.
  11. Make sure to hide the Column from students until all grades have been entered by Choosing ‘No’ for ‘Show this Column to Students’.
  12. To complete the set-up process, click Submit.
    Image showing the fields mentioned above.

Page last updated on September 25, 2018 by adambailey

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