EMA Integration: Mark Approval and Transfer – approving marks for transfer to RISIS

Important information!
In order to approve marks you will need the Grade Approver role in Blackboard. This will be granted by IT at the request of managers in the Support Centres.
  1. When ready to export marks to RISIS, go to Control Panel > Grade Centre > Full Grade Centre
  2. Click on Manage > Mark Approval and Transfer.
    Grade Centre - Manage - Mark Approval
  3. On the ‘Course Mark Approval and Transfer’ screen it is possible to approve all marks for all assessments on this course


You will nearly always want to drill down at least to assessment level, and probably to the lowest level where individual students are listed.

Course Mark Approval screen

    1. Tick the box next to Course ID, and press Mark Column Approval and Transfer.Select Mark Column Approval and Transfer
    1. All Grade Centre columns on the course will be listed.
      In future this screen will show only those columns created by the RISIS integration – pending a Blackboard upgrade.Mark Column Approval and Transfer screen - assignment level
    2. Tick the one for which you wish to approve grades, and press Mark Approval and Transfer.Mark Column Approval and Transfer screen - assignment level - select assignment
  1. All students with a grade for that assessment are listed.

Blackboard bug: currently for Weighted Total columns, all students on the course are listed, regardless of whether they have a grade.
If you approve the marks for all students, the system will reject any that don't yet have a grade for that assignment in Blackboard.
  • Press the tick box at the top to select them all
    Mark Column Approval and Transfer screen - student level - select all students
  • Or select specific students
    Mark Column Approval and Transfer screen - student level - select some students


Helpful tip!

Why might you approve only some marks? 
Some of the marks showing might not yet be final marks

·         In Schools which do not have a separate post-deadline submission point.

·         For assessments with staggered deadlines for different groups,

·         Where there are non-taught module occurrences (e.g. H,J,V) and single assignments have been mapped to multiple Grade Centre columns.


  1. At the bottom of the screen press Approve Marks.Mark Column Approval and Transfer screen - student level - select some students and approve marks
  2. When you see the confirmation message, press OK to continue.
    Approve Marks - confirmation message
  3. The status of the mark for each student will be updated to ‘Approved’.Mark Approval status updated
  4. Approved marks will be transferred to RISIS at scheduled times – currently at 9:00; from 18th March, at 9:00, 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00 Monday-Friday.
    At that point, the status of the assessment will be updated to ‘Extracted’.
Helpful tip!

If you see 'Extracted !' this means that some marks have been extracted, but there are others as yet unapproved (or approved and not yet extracted).

If you realise that you have approved some marks in error, you have until the next scheduled extraction time to Unapprove these. Once Extracted, any corrections will have to be made in RISIS - marks cannot be sent from Blackboard to RISIS more than once.
Please note this known issue: Grade Centre columns incorrectly show as ‘Extracted’


Merged courses

On Merged courses the Mark Approval screen shows each student’s child course ID.

If approving all marks, the system will ensure that the students’ marks go to the correct place in RISIS.

But there may be times when you need to pass the marks only for one of the merged courses. Where necessary you can select the marks to approve based on the Course ID column.

Mark Approval screen - sort by Course ID