EMA Integration: Daily Consistency Check – Title

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Assessments listed in the Daily Consistency Check where the Title in Blackboard no longer matches what is in RISIS e.g.

Property SITS Blackboard
Title [IC] AB3EMA-A – Assignment 2 [IC] AB3EMA-A – Case Study

The titles of integrated [IC] columns have to match in order for marks to be successfully extracted to RISIS.

To resolve this error

  • Rename the relevant Blackboard [IC] column / assignment so that it matches what’s in RISIS.
  • Or, if more appropriate, edit the assessment name in RISIS so that it’s the same as what is set up in Blackboard.
The Integration automatically adds [IC] module ID-occurrence - to the RISIS assessment name e.g. Assignment 2 in RISIS becomes [IC] AB3EMA-A - Assignment 2 in Blackboard.


If you have changed the title in RISIS, but this error still shows up in the daily report, please follow these steps in RISIS
* uncheck the Ready flag; press Save
* then check the Ready flag; press Save
The Bus should then pick up the change, so that the issue no longer appears in the daily report.

Page last updated on June 12, 2019 by andyturner