EMA Integration: Grade Import Exceptions – Invalid Pass/Fail/RN Result

This is an exception which may be listed on the daily Grade Import Exceptions report.

What this means

The mark entered is not valid. This assessment is listed in RISIS as Pass/Fail/RN, so the grade entered has to be ‘P, ‘F’ or ‘RN’.

Action to take

If RISIS is correct

and this should be a Pass/Fail/RN assessment, you will need to change the Grading Schema for this Grade Centre column in Blackboard.

Edit the Grade Centre column, and ensure that Primary Display is set to Pass/Fail/RN.

Pass-Fail-RN Grading Schema

Then you can Approve the marks for this assignment again.

If RISIS is incorrect

and this assessment should have a numeric grade, please log a ticket with it@reading.ac.uk

Page last updated on February 22, 2019 by andyturner

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