Formative assessments: how to provide feedback with no mark

When marking formative work, you may wish to provide feedback without leaving a numeric mark.

This is not a problem with Turnitin Feedback Studio – you can use any of the tools to leave feedback without having to enter a mark.

However Blackboard assignments require you to

  • enter a Points Possible when setting up the assessment
  • enter a valid numeric mark when marking – you cannot simply leave the Grade field empty.

Suggested options for formative work:

  1. Set the assignment Points Possible as 0; when leaving feedback, enter a mark of 0.
  2. Set the assignment Points Possible as 1; when leaving feedback, enter a mark of 1.

In either case, explain to your students what the marks mean.

An additional option – regardless of what you set as the Points Possible – is to set the assignment to display as ‘Complete/Incomplete’. You can then enter any numeric grade, and this will display as a tick. To do this, after creating the assignment, edit the Grade Centre column, and change the Primary Display to ‘Complete/Incomplete’.

Set display to complete-incomplete


Page last updated on April 15, 2019 by andyturner

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