Blackboard Ally: Course Accessibility Report

What is the Course Accessibility Report?

The Course Accessibility Report shows you, for a specific course

  • the overall course accessibility score
  • the distribution of course content by type
  • a list of all issues that have been identified in the course.

The report provides an easy way to see which content items in your course have been flagged with an issue, and to start remediating those issues, direct from the report.

The course accessibility report also provides some help with prioritisation, as it shows options such as “Content that’s easiest to fix” and “Content with most severe issues”.

Course Accessibility Report

Accessing the Course Accessibility Report

The report is available to Instructors, Teaching Assistants and Course Builders.

To access the report, go to Control Panel > Course Tools > Accessibility Report.

Accessing the Course Accessibility Report, via Course Tools

You can then click on any of the Start buttons to begin improving the accessibility of your content.

Course Accessibility Report - easiest to fix

Fixing problems from the Accessibility Report

Click on a filename to open a screen showing you what the problem is, and how to fix it.

Some issues can be fixed directly within this screen. Others require work offline (e.g. to improve the accessibility of Word or PowerPoint files) before uploading the improved version.

Ally - adding an image description

See Improve File Accessibility for more information.

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