Blackboard Collaborate: Large class sizes

The maximum size of a regular Collaborate Ultra session is 250 users.

If you need to run a Collaborate session with more than 250 users (up to a maximum of 500 users), you will need to create the session as a Large Scale Session.

Having created your Collaborate event, go to the Session Settings tab.

Collaborate - go to session settings tab

Scroll down and tick the box under Large scale session (250+).


Collaborate - Large Event option

When you tick the box you’ll see that some options are automatically greyed out.

Large scale event - options disabled

These functions are automatically disabled for participants in a Collaborate Large Event:

  • Share Audio
  • Share Video
  • Post Chat Messages
  • Write on Whiteboard or Files

A Large Event cannot be

  • a recurring event
  • open-ended.
  • supported using AWS Chime option. For further details see the Blackboard support article Collaborate: About Chime


Page last updated on October 11, 2022 by Peter Moll

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