Blackboard: Open PDF Content in Google Chrome

Some users have issues with opening PDF content within Google Chrome. Chrome’s default setting is to have the PDF open in a new tab. Unfortunately this sometimes can prevent larger files from fully loading, leaving users unable to view necessary course content.

To resolve this, change the settings within Chrome to download the PDF , and open using Acrobat or another reader.

How to Change PDF Content Settings

In a Google Chrome window, go to Settings

Google Chrome Settings in window menu

Scroll to the Privacy and Security heading and select Site Settings

Showing where Site Settings is within the Privacy and Security area

Within Site Settings, open the additional settings menu . Select PDF Documents.

Showing opening the Additional content to access PDF Documents heading

Select to ON (Blue) to allow PDFs to download to your device.

Download PDF documents selected on


How to Open PDFs in a New Chrome Tab

To reverse the process, follow the above steps.

In PDF Documents, make sure the selector is OFF (Grey) and this will open PDFs within Chrome

Download PDF documents selected off

Page last updated on July 22, 2020 by Peter Moll

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