Microsoft Teams: Recording attendance

Caution!The option to download a list of attendees is only available to the person who set up the Teams meeting

If you are the Organiser if a Teams meeting you can download a CSV file with details of people who attended the meeting.

How to access the attendance report after a Teams meeting

See the Attendance Management and Engagement User Guide: Ms Teams Attendance Reporting

How to access the attendance report during a Teams meeting

Go to the Participants panel and click on the three dots.

Teams - access the Participant list options

Choose Download attendance list.

Teams - download the attendance list

This will download a file named meetingAttendanceList.csv

If you are using these lists, for example to monitor attendance at weekly seminars, you will need to rename them as appropriate.

You can open the file in Excel. It shows details of who attended, when they joined, and when they left.

Teams attendance list

For more, see


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