How to request a Team for Teaching and Learning

Please note: Blackboard should remain the central hub for teaching and learning and the use of Teams should only supplement Blackboard.

See using Teams for Teaching and Learning to see what Teams can be used for.

If you want to request a Teams space for T&L activity use the DTS Self Service Portal

Before submitting a request, please read the guidance below on Teams linked to a Blackboard course.

In most cases a member of staff should be the owner of Team spaces required for T&L activity.

Team owners can:

Enrolling students  into Team spaces:

When enrolling members, it is strongly recommended that Team owners manage team settings and permissions (for example, to prevent members from deleting channels or creating unwanted additional channels).

There are two options for enrolling students:

Manual enrol

Manually   members to a Team  by inputting individual email addresses or Outlook groups.

Auto enrol (Teams linked to a Blackboard course)

When requesting a Teams space for use with students; there is an option to  link  membership to a single  Blackboard module via the existing module Stream Group . This will ensure that membership of the Team matches enrolments on the Blackboard module.  

  • A request for auto-enrol cannot be made retrospectively made: DTS can action this for new Team requests only.
  • The Teams space will take the name of the Blackboard module and must not be renamed (doing so will change the name of corresponding Stream group, which can cause confusion when assigning  video sharing permissions).
  • Those enrolled on the Blackboard course as: Instructor, TA With Stream, or Course Builder with Stream become Owners of the Team.
    Students and all other course members become Members in the Teams space.
    It is not possible to change their membership status within Teams as any changes will be overwritten by their Blackboard enrolment status, when the integration next runs.
  • Where multiple instructors exist on Blackboard module but only one instructor requires the Teams space; all instructors will automatically become Team owners. It may be useful for Blackboard instructors to ‘Hide ’ the Teams space  to avoid unwanted notifications in this instance , whilst also retaining access to the Team space.

Please note: it is possible to manually add additional owners and members to a space linked to a Blackboard module – e.g. other colleagues, students, ‘guests’ (non-UoR members) – but ONLY if they are not enrolled on the associated Blackboard course.

  • These additional owners/members can also be manually deleted from the Team.
  • Adding additional Team members will not create additional enrolments to the Blackboard module.