Tools for Learning Activities: PowerPoint Online

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PowerPoint online is a Microsoft Office application that can be used for collaborative and individual work, with options for blank-sheet style collaboration, presentation mark-up, and collaborative presentation design.

PowerPoint online can be opened in a limited browser version, via


  • Free (via Office 365 university subscription)
  • Online (, or Chrome app via

Key features

  • Collaborative working in real-time
  • Mark-up pre-made slides and images
  • Design new slides & collaborate on creating presentations
  • Freehand drawing tools
  • Insert images, shapes, audio files & online video
  • Autosaves progress


  • Collaborate on presentation-style assignments easily in real-time
  • Simple to use for those familiar with PowerPoint
  • Accessibility features
  • Present, Share & add Comments
  • Promotes transferable skills with Office products

Considerations and limitations

  • To collaborate remotely in real-time, requires students to access PowerPoint and communicate in a separate call/meeting application
  • Lacks some more in-depth features of PowerPoint
  • Works best on desktop/laptop devices (mobile users can download the PowerPoint app)
  • Users must ensure they stay in the online version, as changes from multiple contributors may not sync properly

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