Gradescope: How time limits work

For both Homework/Problem set and Online assignments, you can set a time limit. See Giving students extra time.

The timer starts once a student clicks ‘Start Assignment’, and they must then submit within the allotted time limit.

When the time runs out

  • Homework/Problem Set assignment
    If the student has not already submitted, then they will not be able to make a submission.
  • Online assignment
    Gradescope submits automatically on behalf of the student – the student can’t make any changes to their answers, or attempt any further questions.


The assignment Due Date and Allow Late Submissions settings also affect this.

If late submissions are not allowed, then no submissions can be made after the Due Date – so students who start the assignment very close to the Due Date will find they have even less time to complete the exam.

Example: exam has a 120 minute time limit, and the due date is set for 09:00.

If a student begins the exam at or before 07:00 they will have the full 120 minutes to complete it.

If a student begins the exam at 08:00 they will only have 60 minutes to complete, as they cannot submit after the due date.


For more information see the Gradescope guide How do time limit extensions affect due dates, late due dates, and time limits?

Page last updated on April 9, 2021 by andyturner

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