Tools for Learning Activities: Socrative

This article refers to a third party free/freemium tool. Please refer to University guidance for considerations when using third party apps for teaching and learning. 

What is Socrative?  

Socrative is a quizzing/polling app, it may be referred to as a Student Response, Audience Response or Classroom Response System. You can create teacher paced or student paced quiz questions regardless if your session is remote or on-campus. 

This article relates to the ‘free’ version of Socrative. Here’s a short demo provided by 



The University has approved use of the free version of Socrative for Teaching and Learning. If considering use, please note the terms and conditions summarised in this article.

  • Approved for use at the University, see ‘Considerations and limitations‘ below 
  • Free version, if registering with an ‘educational’ email address, do not register with university password
  • If requiring ‘paid’ version, contact your School DTS business partner
  • Online (browser-based, Chrome recommended) and App (Android, iOS) 
  • You can find support via advice and answers from the Socrative team

Key features: 

At time of writing, these features are available for ‘free’ account users. See ‘Free’ plan for updated, full list of current features. 


Variety of delivery methods and quiz settings (teacher-paced or open navigation) 

Students can receive ‘instant feedback’ for each question answered, and/or you can screenshare participation reports, to give an overview of student performance. 

5 quizzes, max 500 questions per quiz 

50 audience participants  

Question types: 

  • Multiple choice (with correct answer, no correct answer, multiple answers) 
  • Short answer (students type into open field, you pre-define what short answers are acceptable) 
  • True/False 
  • You can insert maths equations and images into questions 



  • Simple interface 
  • Mobile-friendly 
  • Saves automatically to the cloud 


Considerations and limitations: 

The University has approved the free version of Socrative for Teaching and Learning. If considering use, please note the terms and conditions summarised in this article, and links to further details via the Terms of Use and Policies. 

Socrative personal data and privacy advice  

  • You need to create an account on the platform to design and host a Socrative quiz. You will be asked to provide basic details such as name and email address. 
  • Do not use your University password when creating a Socrative account.  
  • Your students do not need to sign up to use Socrative. Do not use Socrative to gather personal data from students.  
  • Avoid sharing personally identifiable information via Socrative (other than valid email address required for registration).  
  • You are responsible for managing your free Socrative account, directly on the Socrative website via Socrative customer service team.   
  • Staff registering to use a free Socrative license will be subject to accepting Terms of Use and understanding Policies 
  • Please note; the email address you provide may be used for password resets and marketing emails with relevant information about Socrative. 


Socrative copyright information and liabilities 


Does Socrative meet accessibility standards? 

Socrative provides information about their commitment to improving the accessibility of the Socrative platform.   

There are barriers within the application that prevent users with disabilities from experiencing all of the features offered. 

If you’re unsure how to accommodate certain accessibility needs with Socrative, please fill out their accessibility contact form. 

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