YuJa Accessibility

YuJa has a variety of accessibility features that are applied to your video automatically on upload. You can also improve the accessibility of your YuJa videos depending on the needs of your students.

For information on accessibility features on the player, see the YuJa support article Accessibility Features in the Media Player.

The Accessibility Tab

You can manage an overview of accessibility features on a video by accessing the Accessibility tab in the More Details menu. Access this by mouse-hovering over the video in your My Media area and clicking ‘More’

Mouse hovering over YuJa video to show menu

From the Accessibility tab, you can view and delete the caption and transcript files associated with a video, request automatic generation of captions and indexes, and upload audio description tracks.

Captions & Transcripts

Auto Captions

YuJa should generate captions automatically during the processing stage after upload. It is recommended to allow your video to finish generating auto-captions before making any edits.

YuJa automatic captions use a similar AI technology to MS Stream and become more accurate over time as more content is added and corrected. Be aware that auto captions generated from Classroom Capture using in-room microphones may be less accurate than those generated from Personal Capture with the microphone closer to the speaker’s mouth and limited background noise.

You may receive an email notification when captions have finished processing for a video, or if captioning could not be completed. If a video has not been automatically captioned, there may be an issue with the audio. You can request automatic captioning on a video via the Accessibility tab by clicking “Auto Caption” and selecting a language before clicking ‘Send Caption Request’.

Send Caption Request

In the event that auto captions cannot be generated for your video, you may need to supply an alternative format for the resource, such as your PowerPoint presentation with notes.

Manually uploading captions

If you have previously corrected captions on a video and would like to use these captions instead of the automatically generated captions in YuJa, delete the original caption file and upload the replacement file via Upload. YuJa lets you import SRT, XML or WebVTT formats.

Accessibility panel with upload/delete highlighted

Currently, YuJa does not generate a new transcript based on manually uploaded captions.

If you would like to generate a transcript for your manually updated captions files, do not delete the original transcript file attached to the video. Instead, click ‘Save Accessibility’ after replacing the original caption file, open the Editor, make a change to the captions, and save your recording. This will force the transcript file associated with the video to update.

Editing Captions

We do not recommend you edit captions on YuJa videos unless there is a student with a captioning need in your cohort. If you need to edit captions on a YuJa video, you can do so via the Editor.


YuJa videos automatically generate transcripts after successful captioning. Transcripts are available to viewers beside the player in YuJa after selecting Show Transcript.

Show Transcript

Transcripts can be downloaded from where they are shown beside the player

Download transcript beside player

or from the Accessibility Tab in the More Details menu.

download transcript from More details

Changes made to captions via the Editor will be reflected in the transcript.

Audio Description

It is possible to upload an audio description track via Upload in the Accessibility tab. Be aware that narrating screen interactions on your slides and videos while recording them should generally negate the need for an audio description track.

Generate Indexes

Indexes appear in the sidebar when viewing a video in YuJa and can be used to skip to specific sections. It is possible to generate Indexes automatically via the Accessibility tab. This will use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to generate Indexes based on the titles of your slides. Be aware that YuJa may automatically generate Indexes based any areas of screen it recognises as text, such as handwritten annotations. Always check your Indexes to ensure they are titled correctly.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts with YuJa

When accessing YuJa, you can navigate the My Media area in the same way you would navigate any other webpage by using Tab. When navigating in this way, you can interact with any mouse-hover video menus by hitting Enter on the selected video and using Tab to select the desired menu option.

Keyboard Shortcuts in the Editor

When accessing YuJa, you can navigate the My Media area in the same way you would navigate any other webpage by using Tab. Please be aware that some menus (such as the Caption Editor and Actions and Indexes) require you to Tab through other selectable items on the page after opening them

Please see this YuJa guide for a full, up-to-date list of keyboard shortcuts for the editor.

Page last updated on June 16, 2022 by mattjones

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