The bb-users mailing list

What is the bb-users list? 

The bb-users mailing list is used to communicate critical and important information to staff at the University of Reading who are using Blackboard. 

It is ‘low-traffic’ with normally no more than one message sent out each week. 


Who is subscribed to the bb-users list? 

Any member of staff with the role of Course Builder, Grader, Instructor or Teaching Assistant on a Blackboard course or organisation is subscribed to this list.  


When and how can I unsubscribe from the bb-users list?    

If you hold any of the roles listed above, you are automatically subscribed and cannot be removed from the list. 

It may be the case that you no longer require access to Blackboard (e.g. you have changed roles or no longer work at the University) and do not need to receive emails from the bb-users list.  If so, you should contact the relevant person(s) in your previous department and ask to be unenrolled from the Blackboard course(s) and Organisation(s) that you are currently on.   Once you are no longer enrolled, you will not receive emails from the bb-users list. 

Alternatively, you could set up your email to filter messages from this list into a separate mail folder so that they no longer appear in your inbox. 

Page last updated on October 10, 2022 by andyturner

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