Ultra: Course Staff

When an Ultra course is opened, Course Content displays in the centre of the page, and to the left there is a list of Course Staff.

Screenshot of Course Staff on Ultra course

There are a few rules which dictate which staff display here.

  • Only instructors on the course display under Course Staff.
  • Only two instructor names will display; the option “Show more” will reveal all instructors.
  • The first two instructors alphabetically will display, unless a Primary Instructor has been set.

Please note in Organisations instructors are known as leaders. Leaders will follow the same rules.

Primary Instructors

It is possible to set some instructors as Primary.  This is only an option only for staff with the Instructor role.

As Primary instructors these will appear in the Course Staff list.

The Course Staff list will only ever display two names if all it will list the alphabetically first two Primary Staff.

To clarify:

  • No Primary instructor – Course Staff will list the first two instructors alphabetically.
  • One instructor set as Primary – Course Staff will list only the Primary instructor
  • Two or more instructors set as Primary – Course Staff will list the first two Primary instructors alphabetically.

In all cases the “Show More” option will reveal all instructors on the course.

Set Primary Instructors

To set an instructor as Primary go to Class Register in the Details and actions menu.

screenshot of Details & Actions menu

In the Class Register, click on the three dot menu to reveal the Edit member Information button, click on this button. This will open the Member Information panel.

screenshot of Class Register

In the Member Information Panel, for instructors, there will be a Primary Instructors check box.  Check this to assign the instructor as a Primary Instructor.

screenshot of Member Information panel

Base Navigation Course list

When students see their course list, in either list or grid view, a Multiple Instructors link will display

When clicked on this will list the instructors on the course, Primary instructors will appear first in the list.

Screenshot of Base Navigation course card

Page last updated on June 8, 2023 by andyturner

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