YuJa: Restore Deleted Content

If you delete a video from your YuJa Media area it will remain in your recycle bin for 30 days before premenantly being deleted. Therefore you have time to restore the video if you change your decision and would like to keep the content.

Restore a video

In your My Media area go to My Account

My Account menu item

Go to the Left hand collapsed menu. This will expand.

Choose Recycle Bin.

Gif of opening the collapsed options menu and navigating to the recycle bin

In the Recycle Bin, hover over the media you wish to restore and choose, Restore .

Restore Option in Media Menu

In the message window, select Yes to confirm restoration of the video.

Restore confirmation text box

The video will be restored to your My Media area.



Page last updated on September 22, 2023 by Peter Moll

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