Gradescope: Bubble Sheet Assignments

Create A Gradescope Bubble Assignment

In your assessment area set up a Gradescope Assignment from the Blackboard Build Content menu.

Blackboard content menu add Gradescope

When prompted Select A new Gradescope Assignment

Link to new assignment in Gradescope

Select Bubble Sheet and click Next.

Select assignment type menu in Gradescope

You can now name the assignment as required.

Naming Gradescope assignment menu

Choose who will upload the completed sheets. This is most likely going to be the instructor.

Students uploading to the assignment is possible however considerations as to how they access the question sheet, are they able to download and print or complete the pdf.

Click Create Assignment


Set Up The Answer Key

Access the assignment through the Gradescope Link

Assignment button in Blackboard Menu

Complete the answer key by choosing the correct answers for each question on the bubble sheet.

Complete the answer key by choosing the correct answers on the bubble sheet

Uploading Submissions and Auto Marking

If the instructor will upload the assignment, you will need to scan all the bubble assingment answer sheets and upload as one pdf.

Select PDF upload button

The file will process

Extracting pages message, assignment processing

Gradescope will try and process:

  1. correctly identify the student name and assign to them
  2. correctly identify all the answers and any changed answers
  3. ask you to verify any answers and names it cannot decide on

Warning message that pages are successfully split but need confirming

Check the papers are split as expected

View proposed slipt of pages and students

Click Zoom in

Zoom into each paper to check the names.

If the system has not been able to read and assign a name. then you can select the name from the list of students.

Assign Names of scanned names

Select the drop down list of student usernames

Once you have confirmed all the papers, you may need to also confirm some of the automatic marking. This is indicated by Uncertain Marks tag.

Gradescope marking progress screen

Click on these highlighted submissions per question and check what students have answered. The system might wish to confirm that there has been a change of answer.

Select the answer as you see it. Click Confirm All Marks

Marking is now complete. You can then review the student mark analytics.

Page last updated on October 13, 2023 by Peter Moll

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