How can I enrol someone onto a Blackboard course?

Students should be automatically enrolled into your courses on Blackboard using their record in RISIS (the Reading Student Information System). A small number of courses are not linked to RISIS. You can identify these courses by looking for NR in the course code (NR = ‘non-RISIS’). Students will need to be manually enrolled onto these courses. If a student is not enrolled on a course you will need to contact an administrator to check that their enrolment record on RISIS is correct and then wait for this to be updated in Blackboard. It is important to make the change via RISIS to ensure the student obtains module credits and has an exam seat allocated etc.

Tutors and administrators can also be manually enrolled onto courses if you have the role of ‘Instructor’ on a course.

User guide: Enrolling participants on your Course 

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