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Copy a Test or Question Bank (Pool in original)

It is possible to reuse tests created in Blackboard Learn original in your Learn Ultra course.  There are a few things to consider before copying your test, which are explained in full in our guide Preparing to reuse your current (original) Tests in Ultra.

Copy Content

When adding a test in a content area, hover over the divider line where you would like to add the content, then click on the plus icon to reveal the Add Content menu. The second option on the Add Content menu is Copy Content.

Screenshot of add content menu in the assessment folder.

If you are copying Question Banks (Pools in an original Blackboard course) you can open the Copy page from the menu at the top of the Course Content area.

Screenshot of menu at top right-hand corner of the course content area.

Follow the steps:

  1. Find the relevant Organisation/Course
  2. Find the relevant content area or Question Bank folder
  3. Find the relevant test or pools
  4. Copy Selected test or pools

Find the relevant course

Selecting Copy Content from the Add Content menu brings up a list of all the Courses and Organisations you are enrolled in with a staff role.

screenshot of copy items screen with features labelled.

  1. Toggle the top menu between Courses and Organisations as desired
  2. If necessary use the search field at the top of the screen to find the desired course
  3. Once you have found the course with the tests on click on the course title

Find the relevant content area

When you select the course you wish to copy the test from, it will open as a list of folders. Each folder is a Content Area (corresponding to a menu item) from the original course. In addition if there are Question Banks (Pools in original courses) set up on the course a folder named Question Banks will appear on the list.

A.) Content Area containing the test – click on the folder name to locate the test you require.

B.) Question Banks – click on question banks to locate question banks (Pools in original courses) that you wish to copy.

screenshot of copy items screen with content area and Question banks labelled A and B respectively.

Find the relevant tests or pools

Clicking on the content area or question bank will drill down to the next level, content within that specific Content Area (typically folders or items in the original course) or pools.

  1. Select any files or pools you wish to copy
  2. Use the link back to the course to navigate back if necessary
  3. All the files you select will be added to the Items Selected section as you navigate around the folders.

Screenshot of Copy Content page.

Copy selected tests and pools

Once you are happy with all the tests and/or pools in the Items Selected section, press Start Copy.

The copy starts and a Copying Content wait screen will appear. This process will take longer if you are copying a lot of content,

screenshot of copying content wait screen.

The test will be copied into the specified location, where you opened the Add Content menu.

Screenshot of assessment are with newly copied test inside.

The Question Banks (Pools in original courses) will copy into the Question Bank area on your Ultra Course.

Screenshot of Question Banks link on Ultra course left-hand side Details and Actions panel.

Guide last updated on January 15, 2024

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