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Import an original course Pool as an Ultra course Question Bank

It is possible to import Question Banks into your Blackboard Ultra course. You will need to export a Pool (named Question Banks in Ultra courses) in your Blackboard Learn original course and then import it in your Ultra course.

Please note: Check that your question types are supported in Ultra before exporting your pool in your Blackboard original course, please see the table in our guide key changes to our guide on Tests in Blackboard Ultra: Key changes for further details.

  1. Export the Pool in your Blackboard original course.
  2. Import the pool zip file as a Question Bank in your Ultra Course.

Export a Pool in an original course

  1. In an original course go to Tests/Surveys/Pools
  2. Then select Pools to open the Pools page where all Pools on the course are listed.
  3. Click on the grey chevron icon next to the Pool you wish to export, from the contextual menu select Export to Local Computer.

Screenshot of Pools page

Import an exported Pool to an Ultra Question Bank

In your Ultra course go to Question Banks by clicking on the link in the Details & Actions panel on the left-hand side of the Ultra course and follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the plus sign icon at the top of the Question Banks page until it turns purple, click on it to reveal the menu.
  2. Select the Import from file option from the menu
  3. When the file manager opens select the downloaded zip file of the original course Pool.

Screenshot of Question Banks page with the menu open and the Import from file option selected.

The pool with process and add to the Question Bank list.

Screenshot of Question Banks page with the imported file processing.

Guide last updated on February 5, 2024

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