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Accessibility: Getting started Blackboard Ally

Blackboard Ally is designed to help make digital content accessible. The tool is integrated into all Blackboard Courses and Organisations.

Blackboard Ally for Staff

Ally scan the Teaching and Learning content that academics upload to Blackboard Learn Ultra, generate accessibility score and identify the content (Word, PDF, PowerPoint etc. and any content created using text editor within Blackboard Learn Ultra) which need improvement. Academics can review the “Course Accessibility Reports” and “Accessibility Score” to improve content accessibility.

In Blackboard Learn Ultra course, “Accessibility Reports” are available under “Course and Institutional Tools” option.

Course and institutional tools screenshot

Blackboard Ally for Students

Students can use Blackboard Ally to generate “Alternative Formats” of the content uploaded to Blackboard Learn Ultra, to their personal preferences or needs. For example if a document has been provided in Word or PowerPoint format, a student can download that document as PDF, HTML, Electronic Braille or as an mp3 audio file.

download alternative formats screenshot

Guide last updated on February 9, 2024

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