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Insert Blackboard stock images

It is possible to search for and insert stock images from the large Unsplash library of royalty-free images from within Blackboard. This option is available wherever you can add an image on your Blackboard Learn Ultra course.

How to insert Unsplash images

Step 1: Select “Stock images from Unsplash”

Inside a text editor in Blackboard Learn Ultra select the image icon image logo to open the Insert Image pop-up window.

From the Image Source open the options menu and select “Stock images from Unsplash”.

Screenshot of the Insert image with the "Stock images from Unsplash" option highlighted.

Step 2: Search for and select image

Once “Stock images from Unsplash” has been selected a Search field will appear under the Image Source option.

  • (a) Search field – enter a keyword or phrase
  • (b) Select an image from results by clicking on it
  • (c) When selected click Next
Screenshot of Insert image window with the search field filled in with keyword and results are displayed below.

Step 3: Adjust and save image

The selected image will appear in the window with gridlines to show what will appear in the inserted image. You can choose to adjust the image:

  • Aspect Ratio – select the ratio for the height and width of the image you want to insert, where appropriate
  • Click and drag to reposition the gridlines on the image
  • Zoom in/out using the slider
Screenshots of the image repositioning screens.

Before saving the image check the Alternative text for accuracy or Mark the image as decorative. Choose the file options.

  • (d) Alternative text – check or edit the description for accruracy, or
  • (e) Mark the image as decorative, if it doesn’t add any useful additional information for people with a visually impairment
  • (f) File options – choose between letting students View and download, View only or Download only
Screenshot of Edit File Options window with alternative text field and mark the image as decorative check box.

Where is Unsplash available

The “Stock image from Unsplash” is an alternative to “upload from device” wherever the image icon image logo is available and images can be inserted:

  • Where ever the text editor is available, this includes,
    • Ultra Documents
    • Journal or Discussion prompts
    • Assignment or Test – Add Text
    • Test questions
    • Announcements
    • Messages
  • Course Image

In the minimised editor available in Journals and Discussions the Image option is found in the Plus icon on the menu.

screenshot of Blackboard editors with the image icon identified.

Guide last updated on April 25, 2024

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