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Turnitin: QuickMarks – Create a QuickMark Set

QuickMarks is the name used within Turnitin for frequently used comments that can be inserted into a student’s assignment. These comments can be created, saved and re-used on any assignment from an individual marker’s library of comments.  They are available from the QuickMarks section of the Instructor Feedback toolbar when marking an assignment using the Turnitin Feedback Studio.

How to Access the QuickMark manager

To create and edit your Quick Marks, and curate your collection, can all be done from the Quick Marks Manager.

Open a submitted paper in the Feedback Studio, click on the QuickMarks blue tick box on the right-hand Instructor Feedback toolbar.

screen shot of Feedback studio with the Quick Marks panel open on the right-hand panel with the settings icon highlighted.

Click on the Manage QuickMarks Cog

This will open the Quick Mark Manager.  You can select existing collections, manage existing QuickMarks or create your own new set.

Creating a new QuickMarks set

Select + New Set from the menu.

Screen shot of QuickMarks Manager with the menu opened by clicking on the three dots. New set is selected on the menu

Name your new set and Submit

Screen shot of QuickMarks create a new QM screen with the title typed in the text box and the submit button highlighted.

Select the + button to add to your new QuickMark comment.

screen shot of the QM Manger, the "New QM Set" is selected and the plus icon clicked. A new panel opens and the details of the mark have been added.

Add the mark Title which will display on the paper, and the Description which elaborates the comment, then Submit.

Your new mark will be added to the set and will show in the middle panel, QuickMarks.

+ Add to Set

You can add your new QuickMark to other sets in the library.

When the QuickMark is selected in the middle panel the Title and Description shows in the right-hand panel.  It also shows a list of QM sets that include the same QuickMark (1).

You can add this mark to any QuickMark set by using the + Add to Set button (2).

Screen shot of quick mark in the QM Manager showing 1. which QM sets it is included in. 2. the add to set button, which will add this quick mark to any set 3. close window button

Select the QuickMark set you wish to add the new mark to from a drop down list, which appears in the panel.

The new mark will save to the selected QM set and the QM set it was added to will be added to list (1).

screen shot of mark saving to the select QM set.

Adding existing marks to your new set

You can use +Add to Set function to add marks from other sets to your new QM set:

            (1) Select the QM set that contains the mark you require

            (2) Select the relevant QuickMark

            (3) Click on + Add to Set and select your new QuickMark set from the drop down list.

screen shot of QM manager following the workflow 1-3 as described in text.

When you return to the “New QM Set” the new mark will be added to it.

screen shot of the new mark added to the new set.

Once you have a QuickMark set you are happy with you may want to share it with other markers, see our guide Turnitin LTI: QuickMarks – Share a set for more details.

Guide last updated on October 12, 2022

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