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Announcements can be accessed via the Announcements tab in the top menu.

Create an announcement

Go to the Announcements tab on the top menu.

Click on the Create Announcement (+ sign) icon on the right.

Note: the Create Announcement button shown here lower down the screen only appears when there are no announcements on your course.

The New Announcement screen appears.

Screenshot of the New announcement screen
  1. Type a short Title for your announcement.
  2. Recipients – currently this drop-down offers no choices: any announcements posted will be available to All course members.
  3. Type your Message.
    You can use the editing toolbar to format your message, insert links and attach files.
    Please note: attachments in an announcement will only open if the recipient is already logged into Blackboard.

Optional settings

  1. Send an email copy to recipients
    Tick the box to send this message as an email to everyone on the course or organisation.
    This option is now available if you are scheduling your announcement to display in the future.
  2. Schedule announcement
    Tick this box if you want to schedule when the announcement will appear. Then complete the following fields.
  3. Show on – when the announcement should appear.
  4. Hide on – when the announcement should be hidden (optional).
    If you schedule an announcement to display in the future, you can’t choose to have it emailed to course / organisation members.

When you have completed all the required fields on this screen, press Post

If you have saved draft or need to make any changes, click on the options icon (3 dots) and choose Edit before posting the message.

Three dot menu shown in the announcement area.

Where does the announcement appear?

New announcements appear in staff and students’ Activity Stream.

Screenshot of an Announcement in the Activity Stream

In addition, the announcement appears as a pop-up the next time a user visits the course or organisation.

Screenshot of a new announcement pop-up

All currently available announcements can be viewed from the Announcements tab inside the course or organisation.

If you choose the email option, the message will be emailed to all members of the course or organisation.

Screenshot of an announcement emailed to users

Copying announcements

If you need to copy one or more announcements from another course or organisation, you can do this from the Course Content page.

Follow the same steps as when copying other types of course content.

Click on the Add Content icon (+ sign) then choose Copy Content.

Screenshot showing the Copy Content option

Locate the desired course or organisation, and browse to the Announcements area

Screenshot of the Course Copy screen, with Announcements highlighted.

then select the announcement you wish to copy.

Select announcement to copy

Press Start Copy.

The copied announcement will appear in the Announcements tab of your Ultra course / organisation.  There you can Edit it and Post when ready.

Guide last updated on July 5, 2024

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