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Class Conversations

Class conversations are similar to Discussions, but are tied to a specific item in the content area.

You can choose to activate a class discussion during or after content creation. For example activating these online content conversations as a response to student comments in class to allow a wider discussion on course materials.

Where can I enable Class Conversations?

You can enable conversations for these content items:

  • Documents
  • Assignments
  • Group assignments
  • Tests
  • Group tests
  • Offline submissions
  • Links to teaching tool

Set Up a Class Conversation

Click on the item and go to the settings icon in the top right.

Simply check the box to allow conversations to take place. Click Save.

Content Settings class conversations selected

The conversation icon will appear next to the materials.

Class converasations blue icon shown on item.

Access the conversation

You can access the conversation either using the item menu

Access conversations through the item menu Conversations option.

or the Conversation Icon in the item

New conversation content blue dot in item.

The blue dot in the conversation icon denotes new posts.

Take Part in The Conversation

All staff and students with access to the item can take part in the conversation. Users can type and format their questions and comments in the Blackboard Text Editor.

Users can reply to posts or create a new thread of discussion.

Replying to a question from a student

Guide last updated on January 9, 2024

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