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Turnitin: Edit a Turnitin Assignment

If you need to edit assignment settings after the initial set-up, this can be done:

  • via Settings in the Turnitin Assignment Inbox
  • or in Blackboard by choosing Edit from the submission point three dot menu.

screenshot of Turnitin assignment inbox link and Blackboard edit menu

Editing Locations – what is edited where

Turnitin Assignment Settings

In the Turnitin Assignment Inbox, click on the cog icon to open the Settings page.

Screenshot of Turnitin Settings icon

From theĀ Settings area you can edit:

  • Feedback Release Date
  • Allow submission of any file type
  • Allow late submissions
  • Anonymous marking
  • Attach a rubric
  • Similarity Report Settings
  • Exclude assignment template

Cannot edit:

  • Assignment Title
  • Start Date
  • Due date
  • Max Grade (Points Possible)
  • Instructions

Blackboard Ultra Edit Panel

From theĀ Blackboard Edit panel you can edit:

screenshot of Bb Edit Panel

  • Assignment title
  • Open in new window
  • Allow class conversations
  • Due date/time
  • Marks using (Points/Percentage/Letter)
  • Maximum points
  • Description (Instructions)

The Description will appear in the submission link in the Course Content and also in the Assignment Dashboard for students.

screenshot of student assignment dashboard

Blackboard Ultra Release Conditions

A Release Conditions rule is created for the Turnitin submission point automatically, it sets the Show on date as the stimulated Start Date from the Turnitin submission point settings.Ā  Please note:

  • You can access the Release conditions to edit the Start Date by clicking the Date/time link on the submission point.
  • You can change the Show on date here and it will update the Start Date in the Turnitin settings.
  • You can add additional rules in the Release conditions, such as “specific members or groups” or “hide after” and it will not affect the Start Date settings.

screenshot of Release Conditions link and Date/Time link

Edit Settings – Where to edit what

Setting Where to edit What to edit
Assignment Name Blackboard Edit > Name
Instructions Blackboard Edit > Description
Max Points Blackboard Edit > Points Possible
Start Date Blackboard Date/Time> Show on
Visibility to Students Blackboard Date/Time – Release Conditions
Due Date Blackboard Edit > Due Date
Feedback Release Date Turnitin Feedback Release Date
Display after/until in Blackboard Blackboard Date/Time > Show on/Hide After
Allow any file type Turnitin Allow submission of any file type
Allow late submissions Turnitin Optional Settings > Allow late submissions
Anonymous Marking Turnitin Optional Settings > Enable anonymous marking
Rubric Turnitin Optional Settings > Attach a rubric
When to generate reports / allow resubmissions Turnitin Optional Settings > Generate Similarity Reports for student submission
Visible to students in Gradebook Turnitin Feedback Release Date

Guide last updated on May 1, 2024

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