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Ultra Text Editor

Each time you create a items or communications you will have access to the Blackboard Ultra Text Editor.

screenshot of Ultra text editor

The editor is used when:

  • Creating Documents
  • Creating Assignments
  • Creating Test and Test Questions
  • Creating Announcements
  • Creating Discussions
  • Responding to Discussions
  • Using Conversations and Messages

If you are using a smaller screen or are on a mobile device the editor will be more compact but will have the same functionallity.

screenshot of editor on a mobile device.

Text Editor Options


There are a number of text formatting tools available with expanding menus.

  1. Text Style
  2. Font
  3. Font Size
  4. Colour Picker

screenshot of Ultra editor text formatting options

  1. Text Options
    1. Bold
    2. Italics
    3. Underline
    4.  Strikethrough
    5.  Superscript
    6.  Subscript
    7. Code snippet

screenshot of text options

Code Snippet

Code Snippet allows you to show code in a grey panel with the syntax colour coded.

screenshot of Code Snippet in Ultra editor


There are a number of layout options available:

  1. Create or edit table
  2. Alignment Options
  3. Lists
    1. Bulleted list
    2. Numbered list
    3. Line Height Options
    4. Left-to-Right direction
    5. Right-to-Left direction

screenshot of layout options on the Ultra editor

  1. Undo
  2. Clear Format

Clear Format

Text can be pasted into the Ultra editor directly from other sources.  Use Clear Format to remove any formatting that may be embedded.

  1. Link
  2. Attachment


The attachment tool will allow you to add files or images into the Ultra editor by selecting the file in the file manager window.

Alternatively files and images can be added to the Ultra editor using Drag and Drop.

screenshot of files being dragged from the file manager directly to the Ultra Editor

For further information on inserting images into the Ultra editor please see our guide Ultra: Add files, images and videos.

Insert Options

The plus menu allows you to insert media and other items into the text box. The options on this menu are Math, Image, Media, YouTube video, Content Collection and Content Market.

screen shot of the options on the plus insert menu


Click the first option on the plus menu “Math” will open the Insert maths formula editor, which can be used to create and insert math equations.

screen shot of math editor

Image, Media and YouTube

The Image, Media and YouTube options all allow you to insert links to items on the published on internet into the Ultra editor.

Content Collection

The Content Collection will allow you to add files and images from the Content Collection into the Ultra editor.

Please note that you will not be able to add Reusable Objects into the Ultra editor.

Content Market

The Content Market is an area where you can access available third party tools (for instance Talis and YuJa) and insert them into your Ultra Editor.

You can use the Content Market option to select the YuJa Media Chooser to insert video into the Ultra editor in Documents, Discussions etc.

Relevant Guides

Guide: Ultra Add Content – Content Market

Guide: Ultra YuJa Media Chooser

Guide last updated on February 26, 2024

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