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Turnitin Workflow for Administrators

As part of the Electronic Management of Assessment (EMA) workflow programme administrators will need to set up Turnitin assignment submission points for any Mode of Submission that requires one. This may include multiple part or flexible pattern modes of submission.

These recommended workflows will support you through the assessment cycle process.

Setting up an Assignment

When setting up a submission point the following workflow is recommend:

  • Go to the Assessment Learning Module in your course.
  • Name the Assignment Folder.
  • Open the Turnitin LTI Tool to create the assignment
    • Add assignment name
    • Add point possible
    • Add Start Date
    • Add Due Date
    • Add Feedback Release Date
    • Set the Optional settings

Post-deadline submission point

Some schools set up two submission points, an on-time and a post-deadline. For this configuration, set the start date for the post-deadline submission point to the deadline date and time. This means the submission point will become open on the deadline date and time. The Start and Due date can not be the same time in Turnitin, we suggest that you set the due date forward by one minute.

screenshots of date settings in Turnitin

Ultra guide: Set-up Turnitin Assignment

Editing an Assignment

If you need to edit assignment settings, this may be done via Settings in the Turnitin Assignment Inbox, or in Blackboard by choosing Edit from the three dot menu.

screenshot of Turnitin submission point with were to edit

Guide on where to edit assignment setting


In Turnitin it is possible to download a Submission List which names each student and whether they have submitted Yes/No.

When anonymity is on, the names of students who have submitted are anonymised, but the non-submitters are named.

Submission List downloadable from Assignment Inbox

Moderation within 15 day TAT when anonymity is on

Anonymous marking works differently in Turnitin, which means that moderation is possible prior to the lifting of anonymity.

With Turnitin the following can be performed when Anonymity is on:

  • You can order by any of the column headings including by Grade even when anonymity is on.
  • You can search the inbox for information in any of the columns, including Paper ID, submission title etc.
  • You can download a submissions list where the non-submitters are named.

Release Marks to Students

There is no automatic “reveal grades to students on post date” within Turnitin. It will be necessary to reveal the column to students in the Grades Centre as with other Blackboard assessments.

There is no Sync Grades or Roster Sync function with the LTI integration.

Guide last updated on February 1, 2024

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