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Professor Kate Davidson – CBT for Personality Disorder. Online event.


People with borderline personality disorder (BPD) are frequently referred to health services with high levels of emotional distress, self-harm behaviours and relationship difficulties. People with these problems have poor health and mental health and are disadvantaged occupationally and socially. Over the past two decades, psychological therapies have been found to be helpful with problems faced by those with BPD. Pharmacological therapies on the other hand are generally not recommended.

Psychological therapies have differed in intensity, length of treatment and in complexity of theory and techniques. CBTpd is a brief effective evidence-based therapy for people with both borderline and antisocial personality disorder. CBTpd takes a developmental perspective, engaging the person in producing a narrative formulation of their unique circumstances and problems. Treatment techniques focus on emotional and behavioural regulation, usually in the context of interpersonal relationships. Developing a non-judgmental, authentic and warm therapeutic relationship is central in CBTpd.

The workshop will be in two parts. The initial part of the day will focus on increasing participant’s knowledge and understanding of borderline and antisocial personality disorders. Key issues and problems in carrying out therapy will be discussed. The second part will involve taking a developmental perspective to produce a narrative, in-depth formulation. Participants will devise ways to regulate emotions using their clinical and personal experience and consider behavioural experiments to improve relationships.

It will demonstrate the following skills:

• To take a developmental CBT narrative bespoke formulation for patients with borderline PD
• To engage patients with borderline or antisocial PD in therapy
• To be aware of the therapist behaviours that increase hypervigilance for sign of rejection and humiliation in patients
• To work with patient to reduce self-harm
• To work with patients to regulate emotions.


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This workshop will run from 10:00 am until 4.00 pm, with a 45- minute break for lunch, at a cost of £75.

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