Combining our knowledge of providing high-quality teaching and research excellence, the Charlie Waller Institute is proud to work with our partners to deliver a variety of programmes and activities that support both clinicians and patients.

Educational Outreach

PPiPCare (Psychological Perspectives in Primary Care) and PPEPCare (Psychological Perspectives in Education and Primary Care) projects
These projects train experienced mental health professionals to deliver face to face training to those working in education and healthcare settings. The aims are twofold; to help staff recognise and understand mental health difficulties and offer appropriate support, to children, young people and adults.

These projects currently run across Berkshire, Bucks and Oxfordshire and typically deliver around 250 training sessions to around 5,000 people every year, including teachers, teaching assistants, SENCOs, GPs, social workers and nurses. We have continued to deliver training in an online format during the pandemic.“Really useful and much needed training. Really comprehensive – trainer was fully engaged with understanding my needs going into training and giving me the tools to support young people”

“Really interesting session delivered in a very appropriate way so that I can take it away and apply it. Thank you!”

Online open-access courses

The Charlie Waller Institute have produced online open-access courses to help the general public better understand common mental health difficulties. The courses, which assume no prior knowledge, have been accessed by over 170,000 people around the world.

Understanding Anxiety, Depression and CBT
Learners explore what it means to have anxiety or depression and how these difficulties can be identified. The course also explores the theory behind a leading evidence-based treatment – Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), and provide examples of what this treatment approach looks like in practice.

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Understanding Depression and Low Mood in Young People
Depression in teenagers can be long-lasting and have wide-ranging effects. Identifying such difficulties early on and offering appropriate support is key in bringing about positive change for young people.

This course will help you to recognise low mood and depression in teens, understand CBT – an evidence based treatment, discover practical techniques to help support young people and, access sources of further advice.

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COVID-19: Helping Young People manage Low Mood and Depression
On this course, young people, parents, carers, teachers, and other professionals can learn helpful, practical techniques to cope with low mood and depression during the lockdown period and beyond.

You’ll examine how to help young people structure their day and improve sleep and diet. You’ll explore how to build positive family communication and learn tips on how to manage your thoughts and feelings, building long-lasting resilience along the way.

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