Join our study and help improve the effectiveness of COVID-19 testing

The University of Reading is conducting COVID-19 research into antibody testing and investigating how to improve home testing techniques.

Antibody research and testing form a critical part of our national response to COVID-19 and will provide data that will help us all return to normal life again. Join us to help improve the effectiveness of COVID-19 testing.

The purpose of antibody testing is to reveal whether a person has already been exposed to the virus. This is especially important as we know that it is possible to have been exposed to COVID-19, yet have shown no symptoms.

There are two important considerations when it comes to effective home testing: collecting blood samples and using the test correctly. Testing for antibodies requires a blood sample and the way that blood samples are collected can affect the test results. Similarly, if the user does not perform the test correctly, it could produce inaccurate results which could have serious implications for public health.

When antibody tests are refined and become available in the coming months, you can help to ensure people know how to use them in the most effective and safe way.

The University of Reading is looking for volunteers to get involved.

You are invited to participate if you are 18 years of age or older, and a current resident of the UK. There are three different ways you can get involved:

Option one: Take part in an online survey

We would like you to tell us about your experiences and views of using home testing kits for any of your medical needs. We would also like to hear about tests you have had at a hospital or GP surgery. This will help our researchers to understand what testing methods work well in a home environment and how people feel about testing procedures.

Examples of home tests include a pregnancy test, measuring your own blood glucose levels or taking your own blood pressure. You may have been to a hospital or GP surgery for a blood test, or for a diagnostic test.

Option two: Evaluate different home test systems

We are looking for volunteers to work with University of Reading researchers to evaluate a variety of COVID-19 home test systems. The research will use mock diagnostic test kits and help develop better instructions to make testing as easy and safe as possible.

No blood sample will need to be taken and no diagnostic result will be given.

Option three: Donate a small sample of blood

We are looking for volunteers to donate a small sample of their blood to the University of Reading for use in COVID-19 testing research. If you are in good general health and willing to donate blood, we need you.

If you can help, please click on the link below to register your interest in getting involved in any of the three options.


Once registered, you will be sent further information about each option. You can register your interest for more than one option.

Please note, we only require a small number of participants for options two and three, and we will need to ask for additional information and consent requirements before we can select participants.

Find out more about the study, or support this COVID-19 research with a donation.

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