Blackboard Learn: Broken or missing video, audio or image

‘Plugin is not supported’ message

Despite making Google Chrome our recommended browser for using with Blackboard, Google have created some difficulties for web users by taking a very strict approach to third party plug-ins that are needed to play video and audio uploaded in Blackboard This has meant that some audio and video content uploaded to Blackboard cannot not be accessed when using Chrome. (Similar issues apply to the Microsoft Edge browser.)

For full details see: Plug-ins not working in Google Chrome

Workaround: If this happens, you should see a link that allows you to download the file to your computer to play it.

The good news is that your lecturers can change the way that videos and audio are displayed in Blackboard to make them work again. But please let your lecturer know if you come across this issue, so it can be fixed.

Blank space where an image or video should be?

This issue can occur due to improved security settings for the display of content made by companies that produce your browser and is not a problem with Blackboard. It can happen if you are using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

To solve this issue, read how to – Display non-secure content in Blackboard

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