Campus Pack tools: Getting Started

Campus Pack is a set of tools integrated into Blackboard, which your lecturer can make available on your course for you to create learning activities such as blogs, wikis and journals. These activities range from personal reflective journals, to course wikis where every student can work collaboratively on a project.

Your tutors can set different levels of permission for the Campus Pack blogs, wikis or journals they create, which allows for different types of activity and different types of access by individual or groups of students. This includes the rights to view, edit, leave comments, etc.

Tutors can also track contributions (entries, posts and comments) made by each student to an activity, and they also have the option to assess the work and mark it as coursework.

Further information

Guidance on how to use all of the Campus Pack tools can be found on the Campus Pack help site: Campus Pack Student Guides.

Most types of Campus Pack content can be zipped up and downloaded by going to Settings > Export.