Blackboard Learn: Edit notification settings

What are notifications?

Notifications are automatic alerts based on changes made in the courses and modules you are enrolled in on Blackboard. For example, if a new announcement is made or content is added (e.g. a blog post or presentation slides are uploaded).

Notifications help you keep up-to-date with what’s happening in Blackboard and lets you know where to look for new online items or information. You can make changes to the way you receive notifications to control and filter the number you receive, and prioritise the important information.

How notifications are shown and sent out

  • You can see notifications in the Global Navigation menu in the Updates section in Blackboard. (See the top right hand corner of Blackboard and click on your name to show the Global Navigation menu.)
  • Receive emails to your University email address.
  • On your mobile device if you have the Blackboard mobile learn app.


How to edit your notification settings

  1. Go to the Global Navigation panel and click Settings > Edit Notification Settings.
  2. You can then choose to Edit General Settings and Individual Course Settings.


Watch this short video or read further how to edit your notification settings.


  • Remember to be careful about the choices you make in turning off notifications, you may miss an alert for important information.
  • Most used notifications: Announcements, Content Items. Where your tutor or course use these tools – Unread Blog Posts, Discussion Board Messages, and Tests.
  • Item Graded is useful for students on courses who use My Grades to receive marks and feedback. Check with your lecturer if they are giving you online feedback and marks.