Blackboard: Preview Your Blackboard Portfolio

Preview and View your portfolio with options to customise layout and colour

Setting up your portfolio does not just need to include your content. You can present the portfolio in a number of different styles and colours, to individualise your work.

Customise your Portfolio

In the My Portfolios area Click View on the relevant portfolio.

A screenshot of the My Portfolios area, highlighting the portfolio and View button.

A view of the Blackboard Portfolio Page and access to view portfolio.

In the Portfolio View Select Customise Style

A screenshot of the Portfolio View , highlighting the Customise Style Button

Viewing your Portfolio and Customise Style Button

The default layout is ‘Layout 1’ with ‘Default’ colour.

  1. Open the Layout drop down menu to change the menu Layout.
  2. Open the Colour drop down menu to change the colour and background theme of the Portfolio.
  3. Click Save to confirm and save your changes.
Screenshot of the Portfolio view and 1. changing the layout of the Menu , 2. changing the colour drop down menu. 3. The cancel and save buttons.

Drop down menu options of Customise Style

You new Portfolio Style will be saved for when you share or submit your portfolio.

A screenshot of a customised portfolio

An example of customised portfolio

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