Submitting video presentations and other large files to Blackboard

You may be required to submit video files to a Blackboard assignment as part of an assessment. Normally you will be asked to submit the video to a Blackboard Assignment using the YuJa Media Chooser. We do not recommend attempting to upload video files directly to Blackboard.

Video creation can be complicated and result in large files, be sure to follow our guidance on making video files for assessment:

Tips when making video files for assessment

Recording a Presentation for submission through Blackboard

If you are required to record a presentation and submit it to a Blackboard assignment, please clarify with your lecturer exactly what you need to do. For example

  • what is the maximum length of the presentation?
  • should the recording contain PowerPoint slides plus video, or just slides plus your voice? or should you just record yourself talking, with no slides?
  • is there a maximum number of slides?
  • should you save the presentation as a PowerPoint file to upload, or as a video?
  • If you are required to submit the presentation as a video or audio file, we recommend using YuJa to submit your file.

Presentations: Recording PowerPoint slides plus audio

Video Presentations: Recording yourself and your screen

Uploading large files to Blackboard

We do not recommend uploading video files directly to Blackboard assignments, instead you should upload your video to YuJa to submit it.

Uploading large files to a Blackboard assignment can take a long time, and there is no progress bar to reassure you that the upload is underway.

The only visual prompt is a blue border around the submit button:

blue boarder around the submit but showing upload in progress

Click the Submit button only once – do not close window or navigate to another page until you see confirmation message or an error message.

Leave yourself plenty of time before the deadline. If you’re unsure, ask for help.


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