Tips when making video files for assessment

When creating video for assessment, we recommend uploading your video to YuJa and submitting to a Blackboard Assignment using the YuJa Media Chooser. This will make submission much quicker and more reliable.

Recording with PowerPoint

When it comes to exporting your presentation into a video file format for submission, it is important to make a decision about the output settings. By default, PowerPoint video files are produced in HD and could produce very large files that you will find difficult to submit.

PowerPoint does have additional settings that will make the file-size smaller, so do use these when you’re exporting your video.

To Export (PowerPoint 365):

  1. Click File on the menu
  2. Select Export
  3. Select Create a Video
  4. You will see a dropdown menu that says the video will render in Full HD (1080p), change this to HD (720p) or Standard (480p)
    1. For longer videos (15+ minutes) select Standard (480p) but if you render in HD (720p) for any video length and the file size is over 200MB consider doing it again in Standard (480p) to get a smaller video size.


Recording with your phone or tablet device

If recording with your own device camera, you will have a variety of different settings depending on the device that you are using. Apple & Android devices will typically have settings you can change before you start recording,  which will let you record at different resolutions, with the typical standard being Full HD (1080p) and other options to raise or lower that. Select a lower resolution (720p or 480p) before you start recording.

After you’ve made the recording, either transfer the video to your computer by using OneDrive or Email and upload to YuJa. You can also record directly to YuJa using the mobile app.


Top Tips when uploading video files to YuJa

  1. Try to keep the file-size as small as you can. Bigger file sizes will take longer to upload.
  2. Submit early when your assignment is video-based, do not risk running out the clock and leave yourself time to render again to a smaller file size if you need to.
  3. Look to see if your lecturer has given you the option to submit a video through a OneDrive link instead of a direct upload, this will give you more flexibility on file sizes.

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